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Student Learning Outcomes

  • CSU-Pueblo-Students Knowledge Base of Psychology – Psychology students will demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • Research Methods of Psychology – Psychology Students will understand and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • Communication Skills – Psychology Students will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
  • Information and Technological Literacy – Psychology students will demonstrate information competence and the ability to use computers for a variety of academic purposes.
  • Critical Thinking Skills in Psychology – Psychology students will use critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific approach to solve problems related to behavioral processes.
  • Sociocultural Awareness – Psychology students will understand the complexity of sociocultural diversity.
  • Career Planning and Development – Psychology students will graduate with ideas about how to implement their psychological knowledge and skills in advanced educational and occupational pursuits.

 As a Psychology major, you will be able to…

  • Apply skills in the use of parametric and nonparametric statistics in a public forum such as an oral presentation or a poster session.
  • Apply skills in the use of between-subjects or within-subjects research designs for completing an empirically-based research study.
  • Apply skills in the diagnosis and therapy of maladaptive behaviors to individuals and groups in a clinical setting.
  • Application of skills in the use of SPSS to analyze, summarize, and report data in an empirically-based research study.
  • Application of skills in tradition and contemporary counseling and psychotherapy for those students who have selected to study psychology with a clinical focus.